The Society of Feed Technologists

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The Society of Feed Technologists (SFT) is a forum open to anyone interested in farm livestock, to meet and discuss common agricultural livestock problems and solutions in a non-competitive environment. Membership is multi-disciplinary and is open to animal nutritionists, feed technologists, recipe formulators, academics, pharmacologists, veterinary surgeons, geneticists, feed mill managers, farm advisers etc.

The  Society of Feed Technologists is based in the UK, and and holds four conferences per annum; non members are permitted to attend the conferences providing they become members of the Society at the special reduced annual subscription rate for the first year only.   Most members reside in the UK and Eire.

 The Society of Feed Technologists also arranges study tours to places of interest to its members.

 Forthcoming Conferences:

 The SFT Poultry Conference Thursday 25th January 2018.

The SFT Ruminant Conference Thursday 19th April 2018 (plus AGM).


For more information contact the secretary:  or 01432 820912.